Thursday, January 27, 2011

Facebook Message new feature and a email address

Early this morning when I logged in to my facebook account I was surprised and amazed with a notification that pops onto my profile page, the new feature of facebook the all New message feature that I am waiting for such a long time, last year when I watched the 60 minute with Mark Zuckerburg they introduced this innovation that they said will be released early year of 2011 and finally seeing it in action is really a big WOW! and kudos! to facebook.

and thanks to facebook for making my account one of the early birds to embrace this feature :)

I have created a video to share on what It can do that will really change the way you email LOL!
and guys! you can now email me on my badass email address :) yeah! because I'm 24/7 online on facebook I will not miss a single email now :) whoohoo!

this cool new feature will really help people be more connected and stay updated , email while chatting and seeing updates in real time what can I say more it's totally Awesome!


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