Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sponsorship at Novaliches High School

STI Novaliches sponsored a free photo souveir for all 4th year student of Novaliches Highschool,
We were so happy of the over welming happiness that they gave to us. from morning till afternoon and even though from the time that we pack up still the students want to have apicture taking of there group.

Especially the section of the 4th year "EXCELLENT" they were really excellent in terms of attendance , full pack ika nga. even though they were so Kulit I have still manage to control my temper (haha!!) and I remembered one of the student ask me . "Kuya thanks ahh buti di ka nagagalit kahit napakakulit namin." and I just smiled , Because I know what they feel that's why I didn't get angry with them...high school days(Lol!), It was really a great experience talking to the student of NOVAHIGH. and thanks for the free WIFI.

if you want to know more about Novaliches High School just Login into:

pics soon......