Sunday, July 25, 2010

techiebiox is back!

yeah! it's been a while or a year since I updated my blog site, I've been too busy on my career as a web designer and a videographer, so now I'm back blogging I'll definetly share my experiences and things that I have learn for the past few year's well hopefully I can update my blog daily or even weekly.

Well also as for my come back I also change my theme for my blog where you will not my see my face on the header anymore lol! but still on the background LOL! and also I added some new feature on my blog, coz we all know that facebook is really so popular right now so I have added the share and like buttons on my blogpost so if you like my blogpost just click on the share or like buttons aiyt!

for the past few months I have created a website called pinoyscreencast well, this site shows different videos and articles about web developing, designing, motion graphics, video editing and more, I'm also the admin on this site I usually do the screencasting on it's video even I'm speaking in an alien language I called LOL!

but for the mean time you'll see me always on facebook and twitter just click on my widgets to follow and add me up. ^.^

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  1. di mo na ba iuupdate yung blog mo na ito? lahat ba ng updates doon na sa screencast? thanks


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