Friday, August 29, 2008

Earning Money by Sharing Picture!

Tired Of clicking On the Net? typing words for Blog? checking and reading some emails?
I found out this Site that Pays you by uploading, viewing pictures and by sharing it , So it's another alternative way of earning some money not only by blogging but also by using the images to make some money.

I've been using this site for a month now and greatfully i've earning a cent now because i'm just starting to upload some picture's for my tutorials.
and also not only by uploading and viewing but also if your refer a friend to register on the site and if they will also upload a picture you will have a percentage of there earnings so it's a great thing to know so if you want to register on this site just click on the image above.

The Newest Dance Battle Online Game!

Online Games Today are total in hype, you really don't know what to play coz' there's a bunch of games out there in the net, but did you know that there's a new dance online game that is really hot ,cool and very interactive. and that is the Game HighStreet5.

When saw this game I was really amaze of its's environment the way it interact with the user , I'm in to fashion but i'm not a Fashionista I just admire seeing very cool looking character's like cool hairs , and nice dresses. so if your a person like me I suggest you check out this game.

here are some screenshots of the game

if you want to download the game just click the first Image on the top most part or click here.

here is the description of the game..

  • Fashion: Choose from a real-life inspired contemporary fashion wardrobe of dresses, shirts, bracelets, earrings, and more to dress your character up to be cool, sexy, smart, or goofy – anything you want!

  • Dance: Dance by yourself, with a special someone, or together with a group of friends in any one of the 30-player dance halls, each uniquely designed with themes like street punk and rooftop dancing.

  • Friends: Socialize and get to know new people! Video-chat with fellow players face-to-face anywhere and especially in our dedicated video-chat dance halls – the Friend System will help you keep track of pals and beautiful strangers.

  • Music: Enjoy popular songs from artistes like Black Eyed Peas, Britney Spears, JJ Lin, Jacky Cheung, Rain, Wang Lee Hom, Utada Hikaru and more broadcasted at any Dance Hall in the game! We keep track of top music charts all over the world as well as feedback from our players to decide on the songs to be used

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Comments and Suggestions!!

As a foreward to my New BLOG ..I would like to say thank you for dropping my to my Blog... if you want to learn something you can suggest so I can search for some tutorial and links for you...

In addition..this blog compose of different tutorials , happenings and Event about i would be happy for any comments and suggestion for making this blog more informative and to have a lot of information..
thanks... you can also visit our forum site for more tutorials...

Proof of Making Money Online

Wow! well we can say making money online is the fastest way to earn money ..well I can say yes, because by just clicking some ads reading mails, or even just making blogs. you can easily earn money.

Ok! what is this blog there saying?? will ask?, well blogging is like making your own diary or article online about something or just telling what you want to say on the web. well there can be different types of blogging..for me I'm making tutorials and more sharing things that I know that may be helpful for others.. then when you have a affiliates or sponsored link and when the users click on that kaboom..there instant money by not knowing your earning..(laughs)..

Actually there many ways on how to earn money online..there are also when you upload pictures or videos on the net they will also pay you.

But when you are still starting like me well I can it's quite boring or in tagalog "nakakainip" well that depends on the traffic on your blog or site. because the more people visiting your blog or site the more effective you will earn more money.

How to control Other Computers via Remote Desktop Control?/

Want to help your friends fix there computer problems remotely? or give assistance online!..but don't know what software to use (laughs) worry no more because on this tutorial you will learn how to connect with your friends PC via internet or Remotely..
with the use of a simple Program called "Team Viewer".

"TeamViewer establishes connections to any PC all around the world within just a few seconds. You can remote control your partner's PC as if you were sitting right in front of it."

First Go to : and click the "Download" tab.

Then download the Team Viewer (Full Version) then after you download it install it on your computer and run it.

This is for the Customers program. this is just a executable file but they will not install this they will just open this and after that...

when..the customer had downloaded it they must give the ID and Password to you or to the person who is going to control the PC ..then after that it will automatically connect to the remote desktop computer of the client..and also you will have the full access of the customer's PC ..

Isn't it so Easy haha! in just minute you can connect to your friends computer and help him with his problem..Enjoy and use it wisely..

for further info about the program..just log in to

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Earn Cash Every Time You Are Online!

Hey! people want to earn Money by just Opening up your computer and connecting it to the's a Website that I found that fits to all the computer adiks there..who's computer is open 24 hours a day (laughs) or less...

just go to "" and register on there site and Download the Software and..don't worry there software is Virus free because I've been using there software for month's now and i've earn already $0.58 lol....yes that's too small coz I don't have any Refferals but if have look what's the benefit.

- Be rewarded simply for being online! Earn over $1 per month just for having your PC online 20 hours a day!*

- New $2 bonus for ALL referrals!

- New $2 bonus for ALL new dial-up PEERs upon activation!

Earnings for online time are updated bi-weekly.

Well $2 is quite easy if you refer other people download there software..
here's the actual look of there software that you must download just set it up on startup and it will just automatically connect, if you are connected on the internet..

wait! do you see the the GREEN BOX with the label "ACTIVE" before you can acquire that it takes days..and it depends on how long your computer is online but on my experience I've been ACTIVE user after 1 1/2 day because my computer is open for about 20 hours that day so they active my account in a short time..and also don't worry if your a dial-up user they have details also when you are a dial-up user..

ok! this is the PREFERENCE options this is important ..kc dito po nila ibabase and inyong work hours dapat all the information if correct or it same as your registered account on there must right the user name that you have made and also consider the NETWORK CONNECTION, for example you see it, it's I've selected DSL connection because my connection at home is in DSL but if you are on other connections just select what suites your connectivity..

here's the link of there site, on were you can download there software

How to download a file without repeating when disconnected. (Flashget)

Flashget is a Download manager that manages the files you are downloading. this software helps you download more faster and boost your connection to the internet.

For example you want to download a file that has a size of 800mb well it takes time to download ..and it depends on the connection you have..what if you don't have a download manager you will the file to finish right..and sometimes your internet connection disconnects to the server..and you will repeat again wow! how frustrating.

But with the help of some download manager like Flashget it will be easy to download without hastle and you can continue it anytime you want even if it disconnects to the internet will not start again from scratch but it will continue were it stops.

To download the Flashget Application click on the Link.


You can Customize it, or set it up on Startup so when you connect to the internet it automatically continues your download process, also flashget can download torrent files.

The best downloader Application for embedded Videos and Music and more.

I've found this Application a couple of month's ago and I was surprised of this program because it suets my needs because I love to download Videos from youtube or musics and other Videos that are embedded on the other websites.

This application is called Orbit downloader and it's a very good program for downloading anything you want to download on the website you want.

Here's a screen shot on how to download a Video on Youtube .

first you must download the software and install then restart you computer to complete the installation, and follow the Screenshots below.