Monday, June 8, 2009

New Free Text on the Net! "Uphone"

Yesterday somebody just text me and I thought it was just a normal text but after another reply it say's free unlimited text on Uphone. So I got curious and and browse in the web and I saw there Promo on the web they are on a beta testing right know and it's true unlimited text online.
they are all up for all the networks like smart,globe,talk n text, touch mobile, and Sun.

hoping this site will work on it's database and it will not be down soon. here's the link for more information about the new unlimited text in the town. uphone

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Love Digsby

Last Week I've just got Registered on Twitter and unfortunately I thought it was so boring but when i got lot's of updates and I saw my friends are also Twitting I tried and eventually I'm kinda love it.

But there's one problem I have a lot updates and i can't read it all in just a glance i need to go to the site and always refresh the page just to see the replies of my friends then suddenly I saw the app link at the bottom of the page ..

then I take a glance on the different application that I can use on my desktop like a messenger

then I saw the Digsby link, and what a surprise It has all the updates that I want from yahoo messenger to gmail and even my new addiction the TWITTER. what's good in it is you just need to download it on your desktop then install and register to there website for free and import all your accounts that you need updates. hassle free it just POP's up on your screen when you have new updates, so I recommend this application to all people who Need to know there Updates .