Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our first Video Project

This is an Event held on our school last 2007 it was an MTV video making contest..unfortunately we didn't won the contest because we didn't meet the criteria for judging ...Even though we didn't got the bacon ..where still happy because of we made our audience laugh..and we had a good comments on the video like it was really funny.

actually at that time we are just starting to use the software "ADOBE PREMIERE". that video is purely adobe Premiere made no other video application has been use...and on that time were just like playing on the application exploring the preset and different effects and transition...

but it was really fun creating that video because of the different experiences that happen to, like when I accidentally overwrite the Tape of the Video so some the great seen have been..erased..

I was really frustrated on that time, but you know we from our mistakes. lol. but even though we manage to enhance of our skill on that video making contest ..actually I hoping that this year there will be another Video making contest and we're hoping to grab the first place..aiyt..


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