Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Audition VIdeo Making Contest "Nancy Jane Video Making Contest"

2nd Place

3rd Place

This is an entry on the Audition Video making contest and it's theme is about creating an MTV style on auditin to be like Nancy Jane (Nancy Castilloni).

after We've created the Tindahan ni Aling Nena Video, i've kinda wonder of the different video's that I've watch on the internet,movies and Commercial so because of my curiousity on searching on the web of what kind of software are they using to create such an outstanding special effect i've found out that I already use the software but I just didn't try to practice the software so when I've watch the Video tutorials on the web i've found out that i'ts just like using the Adobe Premiere.

So I didn't have any problem on trying to learn it. and just applying on what i've watch on the tutorials i've manage to create this Video and you know what i've had 2nd and 2rd place on this contest. because I had two entry on that contest.

I've use the combination of the three of the powerfull tools of Adobe and that is the Premiere, After Effect and Photoshop..what is good on this Adobe products is that they are all compatible to each other so when i'm going to use the other file for the other software it's just easy to import and export.

if you want to have information about the Adobe products just click on the here.


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