Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How to download a file without repeating when disconnected. (Flashget)

Flashget is a Download manager that manages the files you are downloading. this software helps you download more faster and boost your connection to the internet.

For example you want to download a file that has a size of 800mb well it takes time to download ..and it depends on the connection you have..what if you don't have a download manager you will the file to finish right..and sometimes your internet connection disconnects to the server..and you will repeat again wow! how frustrating.

But with the help of some download manager like Flashget it will be easy to download without hastle and you can continue it anytime you want even if it disconnects to the internet will not start again from scratch but it will continue were it stops.

To download the Flashget Application click on the Link.


You can Customize it, or set it up on Startup so when you connect to the internet it automatically continues your download process, also flashget can download torrent files.


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