Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Earn Cash Every Time You Are Online!

Hey! people want to earn Money by just Opening up your computer and connecting it to the's a Website that I found that fits to all the computer adiks there..who's computer is open 24 hours a day (laughs) or less...

just go to "" and register on there site and Download the Software and..don't worry there software is Virus free because I've been using there software for month's now and i've earn already $0.58 lol....yes that's too small coz I don't have any Refferals but if have look what's the benefit.

- Be rewarded simply for being online! Earn over $1 per month just for having your PC online 20 hours a day!*

- New $2 bonus for ALL referrals!

- New $2 bonus for ALL new dial-up PEERs upon activation!

Earnings for online time are updated bi-weekly.

Well $2 is quite easy if you refer other people download there software..
here's the actual look of there software that you must download just set it up on startup and it will just automatically connect, if you are connected on the internet..

wait! do you see the the GREEN BOX with the label "ACTIVE" before you can acquire that it takes days..and it depends on how long your computer is online but on my experience I've been ACTIVE user after 1 1/2 day because my computer is open for about 20 hours that day so they active my account in a short time..and also don't worry if your a dial-up user they have details also when you are a dial-up user..

ok! this is the PREFERENCE options this is important ..kc dito po nila ibabase and inyong work hours dapat all the information if correct or it same as your registered account on there must right the user name that you have made and also consider the NETWORK CONNECTION, for example you see it, it's I've selected DSL connection because my connection at home is in DSL but if you are on other connections just select what suites your connectivity..

here's the link of there site, on were you can download there software


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