Wednesday, March 18, 2009

STI Novaliches 1st Music Video

After a Week of Brainstorming, Editing and hearing all day this words all day "Si Juville I love my own din yan eh." and "Hello Wazzup this is VJ Pam" we finally completed the retention migration video and also the 1st Music Video of the STI College Novaliches.

It was great fun and laughter editing this video from the start to finish. actually I thought I will not be completed because of all the hassle and problems that we come up with the rendering and convertion it was really a great experience.

that's why last Saturday March 14 at the Britanny Ballrom Hall We were in a hurry to pass the video from the time that it will be played on the wide screen I was really nervous of what will be the audience reaction onto the video and eventually they were so happy watching lalo na yung sa part ng mga faculty actually dun palang ako nakahiga ng maaus it was really appreciating when I here all the audience clap there hands I can't explain what I felt at that time.

the full effort of the team with Mam Girlie Caspe, Mam Armie Calma, Sir Alwin Abalajen, Mam Karen Cifra and Sir Ryan Cifra the the Official Cameraman and all the Staffs and Student of the School Without all of them this video will not be made hope you'll like watching this Music Video.

thanks for Sir Alwin Abalajen for Uploading the Video.


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