Friday, September 26, 2008

STI Novaliches Sports Fest 2008

Every Year STI Novaliches is conducting there Annual Sport Fest were every students participate and shows there talents and skills when it comes to sports , last year (2007) they held the sports fest at Brittany Neopolitan and there are 5 teams who competed in the Event and in every team there are different courses assigned, they have there respective color and logo's .

The team colors last year are the "BLUE SHARKS" , "RED DRAGONS" , "YELLOW TIGERS" , "GREEN PYTHONS" , and the "BLACK HAWKS". but these year they didn't include the team of the black hawks because they had difficulties on scheduling the different events because they had 5 teams to assigned in the different events , so this year they just assigned 4 teams , actually the last years champion are the black hawks team and they are compose of the DCET student.

This year is hope to be a Great challenge for every teams because they divided the teams equally, all teams selected there best student for the different events.

the events this year are still the same but they added more spices on it to make it more challenging but still the main events are the basketball, volleyball, badminton, swimming, palarong pinoy, and the extremely challenging amazing Race.

the schedule of the Sports Fest is on October 2 - 4 , 2008 and the venue is still at Brittany Neopolitan Hope this years event will have much more fun and and spices and become more challenging to every student.

for more information about the STI Novaliches Sport Fest 2008 just Log on to

the schedule of the events are there on what date and time.


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